Cinema 4D Tutorial – 2D Text Animation

Cinema 4D Tutorial – 2D Text Animation

In This Cinema 4D Tutorial, I will teach you how to create 2d text animation or 2d effect in Cinema 4D. I create vector graphic effect in cinema 4d flat design. After Render, it’s looking really vector art. Guys, I teach you this tutorial very easy way, step by step.

Step 1:-

Firstly, Guys, I Go to Mograph and Take MoText.
Depth – 0.1
Subdivision – 5
Text – HELLO
Font – QUARTZO (Use Bold Font)
Intermediate Points – Subdivided
Angle – 90
Maximum Length – 1cm

2D Text 1

Step 2:-

Go to Caps
Type – Quadrangles
Regular Grid – Click On Box
Width – 2cm

2D Text 2


Step 3:-

I Use Background. And Create Materials
1. I create White Material
create new material and only select Luminance

2D Text 4

2D Text 3

And Now Copy Material 2 Time, and change colors, like Red and Black.

2D Text 5


Step 4:-

Now I Take Rectangle Shape
Width – 600cm
Height – 100cm
Intermediate Points – Subdivided
Angle – 90
Maximum Length – 1cm

2D Text 6

And Make Editable This Rectangle.

Select Rectangle Selection Tool, Select Points, and Now Select All Rectangle Points and right click, click on Chamfer. Radius – 100cm

2D Text 7

Step 5:-

I Take Spline Wrap and make a child with MoText.

2D Text 8

Select Spline Wrap, Drag & Drop Rectangle in Spline Option.
Offset- 0 to 600, Frams 0 to 500
From – 80%
To – 100

2D Text 9

Go to Coord- Rotation – R.B= -90

Go to 0 frames and Offset take 0%

Go to 500 Frames and Offset take 600%

Step 6:-

In this step I apple materials.

The red material I apply in the background.

White and Black Material I apply on Motext. after applying both materials select white material. go to Tag – Selection – C1 (Caps lock ON), front White and Back Black. That’s it.

Step 7:-

Now, Guys, my animation is finish, I go to render setting. Output- Film/Video – Preset HDTV 1080 29.97 Frames.

Frame Range – All Frames

Anti-Aliasing – Best

Click on Render Button.

If you guys watch this tutorial in video click on VIDEO TUTORIAL button. and you can also download my project file for helping and learning purpose.









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