C4D TUTORIAL – Smooth Hair Animation

C4D TUTORIAL –  Smooth Hair Animation

In this cinema 4d tutorial, I will teach you how to create really cool & smooth dynamic animation with using hair object, wind & Turbulence, etc.

so, guys, I teach you to step by step
The first Step I take Sphere

Radius = 50cm
Segments = 50
Type = Icosahedron

Now In this step, I apply to Vibrate tags on Sphere

Enable Position
Amplitude = 100cm, 100cm , 0cm
Frequency = 0.5

Enable Rotation
Amplitude = 50, 50, 0
Frequency = 1

Now after applied vibrate tags, select Sphere – Simulate – Hair Object – Add Hair

Select Hair –

Guides –

Link – Sphere
Roots –
Count – 8000
Segments – 64
Length – 400cm
Root – Polygon Area

Roots – As Guides

Go to Forces – Gravity = 0

Now open Hair Material

Firstly, guys, I change color, go to color – Load Preset… = and take color full color

Thickness –
Root – 0.5, Tip – 0.05

Kink –

Guys, I take wind & Turbulence and change some settings

Guys my animation is finished, now I use cinema 4d studio light and materials

If you want to learn all this, then you can see my tutorial .. and if you want my project file you can also download.

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I have made a very good tutorial for you guys. If you have not seen it yet then click and watch. And Download My Project file use it.
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