C4D Tutorial – Jumping Animation

C4D Tutorial – Jumping  Animation

In this C4D Tutorial, I will teach you how to create jumping animation using Shader effector. so I teach you to step by step, let’s start

So, guys, I take CUBE

Size – 25, 25, 25 cm

Fillet –
Fillet Radius = 1cm
Fillet Subdivision = 5

Take Cloner
Now select Cube and make a child with cloner

Mode – Grid Array

Count – 20, 1, 20
Size – 500cm, 0cm, 500cm

Now select Cloner and take Shader, effector,

Shader – Parameter

Position = 0cm, 200cm, 0cm
Scale = -1
Rootation = R.P = 360

So guys in this step I create material for shader

Create new material
Color – Texture – Noise
Click on noise
Global scale – 200%
Animation Speed = 1
Low Clip = 50%

Apply on Shader

Guys my first step in Finished

in this step Copy Cloner and take Sphere
Sphere Radius – 5cm
select sphere and make a child with Cloner.1

last step guys apply tags on cloners

Cube Cloners – apply Collision Tags
Sphere Cloner – apply Rigid Body tags

Guys my animation is finished, now I use cinema 4d studio light and materials

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