After Effect CC 2018 | Particle Logo Animation Tutorial

After Effect CC 2018 | Particle Logo Animation Tutorial

In This After Effect Tutorial, I will teach you how to create Particle Logo Animation with In After Effect CC 2018  version And I use new Trapcode Suite 14 new version. its best plugin for creating Logo Animation or Logo Intro. But guys I teach you Step By Step simple way.

Step 1:- 

Firstly, Guys, I create New Composition. Preset – HDTV 1080 29.97, Duration – 10/sec , Background Color – White.


Step 2:-

Go to Project – Right Click on Project Import Logo. Select Logo Drag & Drop Logo in Composition.

Now I create Circle uses Ellipse Tool. Center Point do in mid. press Ctrl+Alt+home Button and align.

Go to Effects & Presets – Turbulent Displace, Apple in Shape Layer

Amount – 80
Size – 80
Complexity – 8

Select Shape Layer press S Only (scale)

Frame = 0   –   7 sec

Scale  =  0  –    100

Select Logo And change – none to Alpha Matte.

Select Both Layer And Pre- Comp, Rename (Logo)


Step 3:-

Select Logo and Copy Logo Layer Press Ctrl+D
Select Down Layer and little bit inner.

Select Down Layer – none to Alpha Inverted Matte

Select Upper Logo Layer Go on Effect – Matte – Simple Choker – Choke Matter = -2

Again Select both layer and Pre-Comp, rename (Logo 1)


Step 4:-

Now I create New Solid Layer And rename Particle.
Select Particle Layer to go to Effect – RG Trapcode – Particular

Logo 1 Layer Should be 3D(Click on 3D Box) and hide

Particles/sec – 300000
Emitter Type – Layer
Velocity – 10
Layer – Logo 1
Layer Sampling – Particle Birth time
Layer RGB Usage – RGB-XYZ Velocity+Col

Sphere Feather – 100
Size Random – 100

Shadowlet for main – ON
Shadowlet for Aux – ON

Air – Turbulence Field – Affect Position – 100

Aux System:
Emit – Continuously
Particle Velocity – 10
Opacity – 100
Color From Main – 100
Physics (Air mode only)
Turbulence Position – 250


Step 5:-

After That Copy Particle Laye Like Particle 2, and change some more setting.


Guys More Detailing Click On my VIDEO TUTORIAL Button Watch it. And For Helping purpose you can Download My Project File. That’s it





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